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A multi-lingual website for a sophisticated product - created in 1 month!

The Brief

Bimi wanted to create a new European website, which would allow them to direct customers to recipes online. The website also needed social media integration, as part of Bimi’s wider ambition to build an online presence for the brand, and had to work in different languages. Bimi wanted a modern and fun look, broad enough to appeal to a Europe-wide audience.

The Action

We conducted research on consumer trends in Europe, and found that sophistication was very important in the European market. We therefore chose to reflect Bimi’s sophistication and refinement in the website design and key messages. We created a simple site with flourishes of functionality, like the custom recipe slider.

From previous work on Bimi we have built a library of stunning recipe images to form the bulk of the content on the site. We ensured that copy and images were simple to manage, and fully editable via a content management system (CMS).

Along with its sophistication, we took some of Bimi’s other great selling points, in particular its healthiness and versatility, and made sure these aspects were also prominently communicated throughout the site.

The website was launched with two language options, English and German, and was deliberately built in such a way that it would be easy to include additional languages as Bimi expands its popularity across Europe, something which is already in process.

The Results

We delivered an adaptable, visually-stunning and highly functional website efficiently and quickly; the project was turned around in just one month from start to finish. The process was so seamless, and the results so impressive that other territories selling Bimi, such as the Netherlands, are already keen to have their own language versions added.







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