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Brand New Jaffa

Revitalising a heritage brand

The Brief

Jaffa® came to Arbor as a ‘Zombie’ brand, in need of resurrection. Although the classic citrus was a favourite among the 40+ age group, Jaffa wanted to forge a fresh connection with today’s younger generations. Jaffa wanted a brand overhaul; to reach the desired demographic, without alienating the current customers or ignoring the rich heritage.

The Action

We completely freshened up Jaffa’s look, giving them an exciting new identity with youth, vitality and fun at its core. We took the old logo and rather than start from scratch, gave it a more modern feel so that it was still recognisable. We redesigned everything from packs to lorry trailers using fresh photography and custom illustrations. We introduced blue as the main brand colour to allow the fruit to pop off the shelves in store and to break up the “sea of orange”.

Since the resurgence of the Jaffa several new brands have followed it into the fresh produce sector. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

We created a bright, exciting juice range, and designed the packaging and point-of-sale for cross promotion. The retro feel of the design gave a nod to Jaffa’s golden age, while also keeping in line with the youthful trend for all things vintage.

We followed this up with a long term marketing strategy, using digital and experiential platforms. Our goal was not just to create an exciting new identity for Jaffa, but to maintain it consistently, and establish a strong, distinctive character to go with the new look.

The Results

Thanks to the rebrand, a stronger consumer face was created. Brand awareness has increased hugely – particularly amongst younger generations. Jaffa now commands up to a 50% price premium over the rest of the high street.

Initially sold as a sub brand, Tesco has realised the benefit of Jaffa’s unique position as a strong, standalone fruit brand, giving their customers the ultimate choice in citrus.









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