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Why a brand launch should include B2B and B2C marketing channels.

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Key marketing activities you need to focus on for a product launch

Preparing to launch.

You have a brand or a product that you’ve been sitting on for some time. You think you’re ready to unleash it on the unsuspecting public. You can become so focussed on what the unsuspecting public are going to think, you might forget to think about what comes first. Getting the next bit right could be the difference between a launch soaring off in the vague direction of Mars, or plummeting somewhere in the depths of the Pacific’s Mariana trench.

Obviously you will need to communicate to the public that what you are about to sell them exists and is totally brilliant and will make everyone’s lives infinitely better. So you’ve already set up your brand and it looks great and has real potential. It’s time to think about marketing.


The common marketing channels

So you run through the traditional marketing channels and activities with your team, maybe do some brainstorming. Website, ‘check’. Social Media, ‘obviously’. Advertising, ‘if you say so’. You’re beginning to form an integrated marketing campaign. You may start to feel a little tingly with anticipation about how the unsuspecting public is going receive all this. Unfortunately, there may be something missing.


Where B2B channels make a difference.

With the digital revolution now ancient history, it’s easy to take forget what happened before. If your product or business is going to be fully online, then this might be irrelevant, but if not, its worth considering exactly how your customers will purchase your product. This is where the analogue world of traditional retail is important. If you want your product to fly off the shelves, it has to be on the shelves in the first place.

To get on to the shelves you need to attract a busy person with lots of suitors, they may be 20 years younger than you, but hold the key to your success. They are the retail buyer you need to convince that your product will make them lots of money. How?

Firstly you need to find out who they are. That makes it a lot easier to contact them. The next task is to woo them. This is important it should take time, money and effort. You need an innovative, attention-grabbing piece of direct marketing that arouses their curiosity to the point that they want to be in a room with you.

Once you’re in the room with them, the real seduction starts. You wouldn’t take a PowerPoint presentation you’d put together with you on a first date unless you were Paul Rand (who probably just shuddered at being mentioned in the same sentence as PowerPoint). You need to pay meticulous attention to detail on everything that represents you and your brand. This includes what you present, a practical leave-behind, even down to what you wear. Then, and only then, can you sit back with your fingers crossed knowing you’ve done all you could.


What Next?

The key thing to remember is that your brand is nowhere if it isn’t on the shelf in the first place. It is vital not to stick to boring, traditional marketing methods for both B2B and B2C. Marketing is all about making yourself stand out, so if you are going to spend time and money appealing to consumers, it stands to reason that you should do the same when selling yourself to a business. Here are some ways we have helped existing brands get up on the shelf.

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