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The Importance of Quality Content in your Social Media Marketing Campaign

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Once seen as a trend, a must have tool to interact with friends, social media has fast become a way of life. Made up of a multitude of varying virtual communities and networks, social media has become the preferred medium of millions to create, share and exchange information and ideas. With 52% of the UK population using at least one social platform and 36% of these using social media to interact with brands or businesses, it has become important to engage followers or fans with quality content that is both relevant and meaningful.

What is content?

Content on social media comes in many forms, it be anything; an infographic, a video, an image or sharing a blog post. Even what you write as the most basic tweet can be classed as content. The aim of content is to be engaging enough to be shared by a target audience, with the objective of driving beneficial consumer action.

Quality content not quantity?

During a recent trip to a social marketing convention in London the importance of quality social media content was reiterated by fellow social marketers, who hold content at the heart of social media. They spoke of spending time devising engaging, meaningful content rather than pumping out ‘masses of substandard promotional rhetoric’ to followers and fans.

It’s important to remember, on social platforms brands and businesses are disturbing people’s lives and competing with their friends & family. If the content offered is not meaningful or engaging, all too often, it can have the undesirable effect of having no engagement and instead drives fans or followers away. Likewise, if people are bombarded with dizzying quantities of content it can be tiresome, frustrating and can push your audience else where. It’s therefore imperative that content is valuable and comes in digestible amounts.

Quality content drives engagement

By producing quality social media content it becomes easier to find fans that will organically promote or advocate on your behalf through engagement. Since engagement, whether it be a share, a retweet, a like, is the lifeblood of social media, thus it’s crucial that your content is the beating heart pumping it.

There needs to be a focus on brands and businesses understanding their audience and producing content that will cause more people to advocate their brand and drive engagement to reach a wider audience.

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