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3 Reasons To Care About Pinterest In Your Marketing Campaign

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What is Pinterest? 

Pinterest is a tool for collecting and organising things you love. Images, recipes, articles and more can be ‘pinned’ to themed boards on your profile. These are then viewed and shared (or ‘re-pinned’) by other ‘pinners’. It is a highly visual platform, and millions of people are now using it in their lives and work.


3 reasons to use Pinterest

Pinterest has in the past been seen by some as a ‘niche’ social network, but nay-sayers take note: Pinterest is fast becoming the must-have social platform for business, and here’s why…

1. Faster Growth Than Any Other Social Network

In 2012 Pinterest’s e-commerce platform broke a record by reaching 10 million monthly unique users. It outpaced Facebook, Twitter and every other network in climbing to that momentous milestone. As of august 2012, Pinterest became the fourth largest online traffic source in the world. After Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is ranked as the 3rd most popular social networking site.

2. Pinterest Rules The iPad

Facebook may still dominate the iPhone, but Pinterest is the top channel for iPad, with an  almost 50% share of all social activity on the tablet. When you realise that more people use social networks on mobile devices than on computers (it’s now mobile over 55% of the time), it puts into perspective just how much pinning is going on.

3. The Average Pin Is More Relevant Than The Average Tweet

The average tweet remains useful for a matter of minutes, but the average pin remains click-worthy for months. Pinners are more likely to discover past pins through search, while Twitter users tend to watch tweets blip in and out of their feeds in real time. Pinterest generates over 400% more revenue per click as Twitter and 27% more than Facebook

Why Pinterest

The overall finds from most research is pretty conclusive, Pinterest is rapidly expanding. Due to its growing popularity over the last couple of years, inline with the growth of tablet sales, it has become a significant source for referral traffic online. To integrate it properly in your social media marketing campaign, you’ll need to create original content and images, that can be pinned from websites, blogs and other social media platforms with the click of a button!

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