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Branding_HeaderA good brand covers everything from how your brand looks, to tone of voice, and can even be what your brand smells or sounds like. Branding is a tool for communicating, good communication is saying the right thing in the right way. We pride ourselves on imaginative and appropriate realisation of your brand.

To create an effective brand, we can run workshops to help define your brand and its aspirations. Its not all ‘outside the box’ ‘blue-sky’ creativity. When formulating a brand strategy it is vital to be mindful of target markets, product positioning and budgets. We can also build in IP and licensing strategy. We take what we learn at these sessions and distill it down to work out how best to communicate who you are, what you do or what your product is.

Once brand values are established we use these to create the look, feel & tone that will run throughout everything eg. logos, imagery, stationery, packaging, collateral.

We are also happy to develop or re-invigorate existing brands. A powerful brand with a powerful message is the aim. With this in place, the rest should follow.

To find out more about our approach to branding email us@arborcreative.com or call +44 208 995 7555.

For an example of branding work we have carried out for Jaffa click here.

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  • Some of our favourite projects and concepts
    Kettle DVDs

    A pack of print and Digital media, sent as a follow-up to a presentation day.

    Sheehan Grapes

    A premium Grape brand, on sale in American retailer Fresh & Easy.

    Cake Concepts

    Some cream cake packaging concepts, research for this had some benefits.

    Citrus Stocking

    A packaging innovation we worked on for M&S

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