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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

We take the same design led approach to presentations as we do to all our work. We produce exciting, unique presentations that enable you to give your client a memorable experience and showcase your brand or product in its best light.

To us a presentation can be anything from on-screen to hard copy books to a full experience day. We tailor all elements to your requirements, and can produce customised, creative leave-behinds as a lasting reminder for your audience.

We use the same skills when creating films. We produce and direct these, from storyboarding to location shoots to final editing. We have made films on a variety of topics ranging from viral videos, to focus groups, to in-store voxpops, to corporate and grower stories. One of our recent grower films made it on to Tesco.com. If only every job required a week in Spain! But the orchards of Kent can be just as picturesque.

These can provide quality content for corporate or consumer websites, presentations, exhibition stands and for internal use within your company.

For some of our films have a look at our YouTube channel.

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  • Some of our favourite projects and concepts
    Kettle DVDs

    A pack of print and Digital media, sent as a follow-up to a presentation day.

    Sheehan Grapes

    A premium Grape brand, on sale in American retailer Fresh & Easy.

    Cake Concepts

    Some cream cake packaging concepts, research for this had some benefits.

    Citrus Stocking

    A packaging innovation we worked on for M&S

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