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Public Relations


We work on both printed and digital PR and have different approaches to both to maximise exposure.

It is important to know who is relevant, and likely to give airtime or column inches to your product. The first impression is key. It is essential to put together an engaging press pack, something that demands attention. Our creative background comes in handy here, for each PR project we strive to produce something innovative and exciting.

As with all multi-channel campaigns, PR works especially well when combined with other channels, so its important for us to follow up successful PR with social media exposure.

When we were given the near impossible task of marketing sprouts, we employed this tactic and managed to get celebrities including Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Albert Roux and Raymond Blanc to donate some sprout based recipes. We figure, if we can do it for sprouts, we can do it for anything.

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  • Some of our favourite projects and concepts
    Kettle DVDs

    A pack of print and Digital media, sent as a follow-up to a presentation day.

    Sheehan Grapes

    A premium Grape brand, on sale in American retailer Fresh & Easy.

    Cake Concepts

    Some cream cake packaging concepts, research for this had some benefits.

    Citrus Stocking

    A packaging innovation we worked on for M&S

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