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Recipe Development & Photography


Quality food photography is something we consider essential when marketing food. The emotive response consumers have to a well constructed image is crucial to fostering a positive reaction to your product.

We pay close attention to the specific aims of each photography project and plan recipes accordingly, whether we are producing seductive style recipes to pair with healthy heart charities, as we did successfully with Kanzi, or trying to create summer vibes for Jaffa Juice product shots.

We work with a select range of specialist photographers to showcase your product in its best light. Our photos have been on everything from national magazines to exhibition stands to lorry trailers.

A suite of images is invaluable when constructing a marketing or press campaign, or product launch. One of the major benefits is being able to use the images across a range of marketing channels.

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  • Some of our favourite projects and concepts
    Kettle DVDs

    A pack of print and Digital media, sent as a follow-up to a presentation day.

    Sheehan Grapes

    A premium Grape brand, on sale in American retailer Fresh & Easy.

    Cake Concepts

    Some cream cake packaging concepts, research for this had some benefits.

    Citrus Stocking

    A packaging innovation we worked on for M&S

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